Comics artist, illustrator, concept artist.
I love telling stories.
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IMPORTANT: Please note that all prices and ordering terms below are for private individuals. For professional collaboration, please contact me by email.

- The commission is for your personal and non-commercial use. If you plan to make commercial use of it, I will charge a minimum of 50% of the commission price (depending on use), and this use will be time-limited, renewable.

Note that asking me questions and asking me for a quote does not commit you, I understand that you may change your mind

The commission :
- First of all, contact me by email [email protected] to explain your commission to me. If I agree to take your commission, I will give you a quote summarizing the work requested and its price. If you accept the quote, then I start working on your project.
What i need :- A detailed description of your idea. For the characters: their physical description, their personality, their story (if they have one) etc. Same thing for the background (if there is a BG). Be as specific as possible and attach reference images to support your description. Do you have a fuzzy idea and don't know how to specify your commission ? No worries, we will talk about it during our exchanges by email and I will help you see more clearly.

The payment :
- I only accept payment by paypal. Paypal taxes (+ 4%) will be included in the total price. (Unless you are in France, I accept bank transfers or checks).
- I ask to be paid before starting work, and I start working after payment has been received.

The work process :
- I'll start with a sketch based on your brief. I show it to you for validation. You can give me a feedback and ask me for modifications (if needed) to be as close as possible to your vision. After validation, I do the lineart and the color, then I show you for a final validation. At this stage, you can possibly ask me to modify some color tones if necessary. Once finished, I send you an HD version and a low definition version (if you want to post on social medias).
- Regarding the deadline, it can take up to a few weeks, depending on the work I have alongside.

What i do :- Characters, backgrounds, narrative composition, whatever the type of universe (fantasy, Scifi, Horror, etc.) or themes. I focus on original creations (no fanart). I do SFW and NSFW (as long as it doesn't get into illegal content).


Please note that these prices are indicative. Whatever your commission, explain to me what you want and i will indicate the price adapted to your request.

price for commissions : paypal tax (4%) NOT included.


-half-body : 100 euros (image below).
-full-body : 150 euros.

half-body + background : 150 euros (image below).
full-body + background : 200 euros.


half-body character + flat background : 200 euros (the two images below).
full-body character +flat background : 250 euros.

half-body character + background : 300 euros. (image below)

full-body character + background : 350 euros (the two images below).

--- "storytelling" artwork ---

Start at 400 euros (depending on the specificity and complexity of the commission).including (for exemple) : two or more characters / complex backgrounds.